Covid-19. How is Cornwall faring?

It seems a good time to present some facts on the progress of the current coronavirus pandemic in Cornwall, with numbers of new cases overall now hopefully declining.

Accurate mortality figures (including deaths in the community as well as in hospitals) are produced by the Office for National Statistics after a lag of two weeks. The most recent release, two days ago, relates to deaths from the virus recorded up to May 1st. At that date there had been 145 deaths from the virus in Cornwall, 11% of the total in March and April. The map below shows how Cornwall compares with counties in England and in Wales in terms of its crude death rate. While the number of deaths in Cornwall have thankfully been lower than in most places and especially in the big cities, it does not have the lowest death rate.

As of yesterday there have been 553 cases in Cornwall, or less than 10 for every 10,000 residents. This is one of the lowest rates in the UK. The main worry of residents revolves around timing the re-opening of Cornwall to tourists or allowing the owners of thousands of second homes to travel to their properties in Cornwall. If this happens too quickly it could reintroduce the virus into Cornwall from regions where it remains more prevalent.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19. How is Cornwall faring?

  1. An incredibly high death rate (145) to number of cases (553), though. That is 26%. In Germany it is 4.5%. In the UK as a whole it is 14.5%. This ignores any uncaptured/disaggregated by age data etc, just the official data. It is really a bad idea to get ill in Cornwall at this time.


    1. Good point. But it probably means the testing rate in Cornwall is even lower than that in UK plus it may be affected by age distribution of cases, which we don’t know.


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