Maps for the surnames Goad and Gribble

Here are a couple of maps for two surnames that first appeared at a relatively late date. Goad is probably a variant spelling of Coad. It was first recorded in 1638 at Menheniot but didn’t start appearing in the registers in any number until the 1670s when it suddenly turned up in multiple locations. Gribell or Grible was found at Sancreed in West Penwith from 1584 although the first record of the name was well to the east, at Bodmin.

You can find maps of these in 1861 for comparison here.

Remember, if you want information on a surname that hasn’t appeared in my book or been a subject of a previous blog do let me know.

3 thoughts on “Maps for the surnames Goad and Gribble

  1. GOAD is NOT a variant spelling of Coad., although some observers have tried to make it so. There has never been a case of a Goad changing to Coad or vice versa. Goad is a variant of Goode.

    Coad itself was not recorded until about 1630 in Cornwall, it was always Code or Coode till then.

    Joe Flood, Coad one-name and DNA. projects.


    1. Thanks for that, Joe. I should have read my own book where I say Goad was from Good or Coad. When I get the time I’ll take another, closer look at the relationship between these three names (if any).


  2. There were Gribbles baptised in Kea, Kenwyn and Feock from 1745 onwards, the children of Theophilus Gribble and Prudence Moore.


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