In an increasingly fragmented political landscape, the Conservative vote bounced back in 2010 to bring them level pegging with the Liberal Democrats, whose dominance of Cornish politics had lasted little more than a decade. Meanwhile, Labour in 2010 had collapsed to a level even lower than 1983 and looked doomed. That was not to be however, as a remarkable turnaround saw a doubling of Labour’s vote in 2017 (although only back to the level of the 1960s). As a result they displaced the Lib Dems as the main alternative to the now hegemonic Tories.

The Conservatives enjoyed a monopoly of Cornish seats for the first time since 1924. In 2019, buoyed by Cornwall’s Brexit voters and hoovering up those who had voted for Ukip in 2015, they did even better, achieving a record vote, even higher than in 1979. The Lib Dem vote almost halved in 2015 as voters punished them for their disastrous coalition period with the Tories from 2010 to 2015. Their decline continued in the 2017 and 2019 elections to leave them languishing at their lowest point since 1951.

Here are the detailed results by constituency.

Camborne and Redruth

North Cornwall

St Austell and Newquay

St Ives

South East Cornwall

Truro and Falmouth

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