Maps for the surnames Menear and Uren

Two Cornish surnames, one from a placename and the other from a first name. You can find maps of these in 1861 for comparison here.

Remember, if you want information on a surname that hasn’t appeared in my book or been a subject of a previous blog do let me know.

2 thoughts on “Maps for the surnames Menear and Uren

  1. What I find so strange about your surname roundups is that I have often never heard of the surname. Have some of these died out completely?

    Rather unfortunate to be called Uryn/urin, surely.


    1. All the surnames the blog are still extant, although the spelling is very likely to have changed. So Uryn gradually became Uren, Menhere Menear etc. Uryn was an excellent brittonic Celtic first name, so the opposite of unfortunate I would have thought.


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