Views of Cornwall in 1919

Donald Shaw MacLaughlan (1876-1938) was an American artist (although born in Prince Edward Island, Canada). As a young man he followed the trail of many other artists from North America and travelled to Europe, basing himself thereafter mainly in France but travelling widely. Among his journeys he visited Cornwall, where he spent some time around 1919. He was best known for his etchings of Venice: less well-known are his etchings of various views between St Ives Bay and Camborne.

Here’s his ‘On the Hayle’

And the view these days from a similar spot. No smoking chimneys now.

Here’s a few others.

This ‘Lelant’ etching looks to have been done from the village end of Church Road, but the houses are different and the perspective of the church doesn’t appear to fit.

If anyone can pin down the exact location from where the next two were sketched do let me know. Four more rural scenes next week.

This final etching was titled ‘Camborne Road’ – the old A30 heading down the hill east to Roseworthy?

(Etchings kindly provided by Richard Milford)

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