Contrasting Budock biographies

Edward Tresidder had been born in rural Budock. His father Robert was a farm labourer who died in the 1850s, leaving his wife Grace to cope with the five children. In 1881 Grace was making a living from selling groceries in the village but her two eldest sons, including 11 year old Edward, had to work as farm labourers to supplement the family income.

The family then disappeared from the census records in 1871, although an Edward Tresidder got married in Bath in 1875. This could have been our man, as a married Edward Tresidder born in Budock is found working as a butler in Kensington, London in 1881. Ten years later Edward was a butler overseeing an establishment of five servants in the prestigious Holland Park area nearby.

Houses at Holland Park

Kensington was a far cry from Budock, both in terms of distance and social status. In contrast, his neighbour at Budock in 1851 – Mary Jane Thomas – stayed closer to her roots. Like Edward, Mary was born into the family of a farm labourer, William Thomas, and his wife Elizabeth. The pair were in their 20s in 1851. Over the following decade six children followed in rapid succession, the youngest of them being twins. The eight children at home in 1861 put a considerable strain on the family finances and Mary, together with her older sister Anne, was forced to work ‘in the fields’ in 1861 to add a few pence to the family income.

Just before the census of 1871 Mary married William Tallack, a china clay labourer. William and Mary remained in the parish, William working at the nearby granite quarries and the pair moving within the parish but only a few yards down the road from Nangitha Mill to Budock Water. There in 1891 they shared a three roomed cottage with their two children.

Budock Water at the beginning of the 20th century

One thought on “Contrasting Budock biographies

  1. I would say the photo was much later than the beginning of the twentieth century. The second house, which is set back, looks quite modern.


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