Maps for the surnames Guy and Ivey

Many thanks to the various readers who have requested information on surnames. Only four of the 18 requests received were not included in The Surnames of Cornwall. These four have now been covered in the last two surname blogs here and here.

The other requests have not been forgotten. I will place a previously unpublished distribution map for each of these, two at a time.

Here are the first two. You can find maps of these in 1861 for comparison here.

In the meantime, if you want information on a surname that hasn’t appeared in my book or been a subject of a previous blog do let me know.

5 thoughts on “Maps for the surnames Guy and Ivey

  1. Still waiting to information on sur name VARCOE. I’m told it’s a very old Cornish name. I’d appreciate any history.
    Thank you


  2. Do you have Bone in the book? I have been doing research on the vicars of Warleggan (well, specialising on four) and one of them, Daniel Baudris, married a widow from Truro called Mary Bone, around 1698. Sorry but I don’t have my notes with me on the exact year, but I think it was around then. DB was then vicar at Cornelly (ancient parish now around Tresillian – I have been to his wonderful fallen down church).

    I have also spent a lot of time trying to track down Baudris per se. He was a Huguenot and I have secured quite a few of his letters from the Archives, and his will. Died childless (well Mary was 50 when they married). But I cannot find out if he was born in London (definitely had links there) or overseas. His brother Matthew was buried as a Huguenot refugee in 1717 (I think, sorry, must check dates) in Warleggan.

    Can always share notes another time, when I am less busy.


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