More views of Cornwall 100 years ago

Here’s the second and final installment of the etchings of west Cornwall drawn by Donald Shaw MacLaughlan in 1919.

The first is the most difficult to pin down. Those look like engine houses on the distant horizon. Or is it the monument on Carn Brea?

Cornish road

The next etching was made near Gwinear.

Gwinear Fields

The final two were made just to the west of Camborne at Tregenna.

Tregenna Wood
Tregenna pastures

This area is now more urban and the cowgirl and her cows might be at a little more risk from the passing SUV.

Tregenna Fields now

One thought on “More views of Cornwall 100 years ago

  1. I love the images this week and last. Really evocative and talented. Regarding engine houses I think that is a real stretch. Sure it is not a church or something? Also, wonderful how the lonely bowed figure passing under the great branch is scarce-seen.

    Donald had a tremendous eye for trees, just amazing.

    Not so nice to see what has happened to that lovely curve in the road. And interesting as ever to see evidence of women in images and what they do. Looks like it must be her or the family’s whole flock, and interesting they are grazed along the road as this implies they did not have their own land. Unlike the farmer able to graze the animals on his or her own fields just behind. This scene and set up remains very common across Africa and Asia today – particularly that women are responsible for taking care of small family herds including finding fodder along roads.


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